Writing Coach

Writing Coach

Sometimes you have an idea for a book, but you can’t find the time to bring it to life. Or maybe you have nagging doubts about what you’ve written, and you need a second opinion.

No matter why you’re struggling, a 24th July Diamond Writing Coach can help! When you purchase a block of consultation hours, you’ll be introduced to a writing coach that’s right for you. Here’s how it works.

Set Aside Time

Purchase a block of consultation hours that you can use to work with your writing coach.

Your coach will use your block of hours to guide you through the writing process. They’ll help you stay focused, avoid time-consuming mistakes, provide content advice and – most importantly – help you to get your book written.

Meet Your Writing Coach

Think of them as your literary personal trainer.

Your writing coach can consult with you via phone, Skype, or email. All of our Coaches have a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts in English or Creative Writing, so you can trust in your Coach’s expertise.

Make Weekly Appointments

Submit your work to your coach for review.

You and your Coach will discuss anything and everything related to your book, including its structure, your writing style, and how to keep on track. Your Coach will review your material as you write it and provide substantive critiques and suggestions on your work.

Meet Our Writing Coach

Sophia Ovonlen

Sophia Ovonlen is a highly skilled and experienced UK trained school leader and educator, with a proven track record of success in promoting and overseeing creative and purposeful teaching and learning in diverse Primary settings in UK and Nigeria. She has over 15 years’ outstanding teaching experience in the UK, is a recipient of the OLEVI Outstanding Teacher Certification and is a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, United Kingdom.

In the last five years through her consulting firm Oakleigh Education, she has worked with several schools across Nigeria and trained thousands of teachers in the process. These culminated in her nomination for ‘Consultant of the Year 2018’ award by the prestigious Arclights Foundation.

Significantly in December 2018, she founded Nigeria’s premier online teacher training platform, www.inspirationalteachersschool.org. Through this innovative ed-tech platform, teachers are now able to access high quality UK CPD certified training to develop excellent practice and to date several teachers have graduated and transformed their practices.

Staying true to her commitment that no child is left behind in education, Sophia launched an online classroom at the beginning of the 2020 global pandemic. This grew rapidly to over 1,600 registered students who were able to continue daily lessons during national lockdowns and school closures.

In addition to her vision to raise a generation of excellent teachers in Africa, Sophia is the tribe leader of the Inspirational Teachers Network; a private online group where she mentors and coaches teachers in transformational practices.

She is the founder of The Creative Writing Academy (an online school for children writers and is the editor of Cool Magazine (a magazine for children).

Her social media handles are
IG: @oakleighedu, @inspirationalteachesonlinesch @sophiaovonlen
LinkedIn: @sophiaovonlen