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Pioneering Publishing Services for Over 3 Years

Founded in 2017, our founder, Mr. Chibuike Okeke has a strong belief in sharing the African culture both in storybooks and textbooks that aligns with the everyday African child. We aim at becoming the number one publishing company in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Who we are

We are a dedicated team of publishing professionals that meet the needs to Educational bodies through our textbooks and storybooks while imbibing strong morals and showing the rich culture of Africa.

What we do

24th July Diamond Limited is a Nigerian company focused on the provision of quality book publishing, designing, and editorial services. It is a hub for quality and affordable educational book publishing services currently serving the Nigeria market. We are a budding company with modern and advanced business offerings to make our customers be forever loyal to us. We have a pack of a highly motivated and talented team, a high tech seamless publishing solutions, and a prompt service delivery model.


(PUBLISHING SERVICES, BOOKS, AND PRODUCTS, WRITING COACH) We customize, print, and sell books to educational bodies and individuals.

Our Principles Stand the Test of Time

  1. We inspire and advise “everyday” people in developing their literary pursuits
  2. We empower the everyday person with the sense of pride and accomplishment in seeing written words published for others to enjoy.
  3. Our quality is not compromised as we ensure all the books published satisfies our clients.