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FAQ for Writers

A publishing services company performs all of the steps necessary to produce a finished book and release it to the market.

As a 24th July Diamond author:

1. You will be mentored by our writing coach

2. Recommended internationally

3. Build a strong network with professionals

4. Receive monthly payment

Either we buy off your story or you join our team of writers and be paid monthly.

We do not review or evaluate manuscripts for literary merit or market potential. However, there are categories that we do not accept: libelous or racist material, hate literature, or pornography, for example.  We reserve the right to reject any work that we may find to be unsuitable for our company.

No, your name will be boldly placed as the author.

As a reputable, trusted company, 24th July Diamond will not use any material submitted to us without your written permission.

Send an email to info24thjulydiamond@gmail.com as we have different payment plan for writers